Tsitsikamma Forest Segway Tour

TUK – TUK Beach and Cape Recife Tour

Each tour takes you along our pristine beachfront in our exciting TUK-TUK vehicle, before taking you into the Cape Recife Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can delight in the natural wonders of our beautiful coastline.

We also visit the SANCOBB Penguin Rehabilitation Centre, and here you will enjoy a guided tour through the facility and be able to see how the penguins are being cared for and prepared for future release back into their natural habitat.

Our tour then takes you further into the wildlife sanctuary to the famous Cape Recife Lighthouse and point. The lighthouse was founded in 1849 and the point is considered to be the southernmost tip of Port Elizabeth. This is an opportunity to take great photos that will remind you of your visit to Port Elizabeth.

There is also a WW2 Coastal Fortress Observation Post which we visit, and our guide will tell you the story behind this historic group of buildings. Climbing to the top of the hill behind the observation post is great fun, and from

Here you will be able to view our beautiful Bay and this offers another great photo opportunity.

Cost is R1050.00 per person