Day Tours & Activities





For the wildly adventurous to the more timid at heart, there are a host of tours to choose from. From tame to insane, there is an adventure awaiting every adventurous heart.

 Renowned for its friendly hospitality, Port Elizabeth boasts its own Wine Estate and a number of fine resident Micro Breweries.   Delightful opportunities to escape and taste some fine wine and local craft beers, home brewed.









Port Elizabeth and the Eastern Cape are steeped in rich history – the very essence that makes this City so intriguing and magical. Discover the rich historical heritage, gaining insight into the stories of old and the foundations upon which this City and Province has come to be.

With its rich cultural diversity, the City of Port Elizabeth comes with a host of dynamic sights and activities to be seen in and around the city itself. From the City to Township Life, clients have the opportunity to explore these rich diversities and enjoy the contrasts.

Port Elizabeth & its surrounds are home to many unique wildlife and spectacular landscapes to enjoy. From local National Parks to Private Sanctuaries offering personal encounters, there is opportunity to encounter the BIG 5 and experience many more incredible moments.