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Port Elizabeth Packages - 2 Day Tours

2 Day – Tour Package to Port Elizabeth

Combo Tours Include:

  1. Addo National Elephant Park Safari
  2. Sundays River Ferry Cruise
  3. Big Blue Ocean Tour
  4. Samrec To Sacramento Rugged Coastline Cruise
  5. Two Nights Accommodation at Garden Court Kings Beach, Bed & Breakfast


The Eastern Cape boasts some of the finest, most exclusive, 5-star Private Game Reserves within South Africa.  Situated in an idyllic climate and a malaria free area, you are guaranteed to experience a superb, world class get away into the African bushveld. This will be an experience that will leave you with lasting memories to treasure. 



Day 1

Morning Tour:

Addo Elephant National Park

Addo boasts the opportunity to see the BIG 5 in a malaria free environment.

Addo Elephant National Park is the third largest park in South Africa with a population of over 600 African Elephants that are known to be the most docile and relaxed of all Elephants in National Parks across South Africa often allowing for close viewing opportunities of Africa’s gentle giant.  Addo offers a spectacular wildlife experience with a multitude of biomes, birdlife, antelope and the BIG 5 to delight. At Addo, you can also be on the lookout for Buffalo, Lions, Spotted Hyena and Black Rhino among the many species of birds, antelope, Zebra and Warthog.

Afternoon Tour:

Sundays River Ferry Cruise

Experience a slow, leisurely cruise on the magnificent and breathtaking waters of the Sundays River estuary – one of the top rated estuaries in South Africa.

“The Sundays River Ferry” takes you on an idyllic leisure cruise up the Sundays River Estuary where you enjoy sightings of a wide variety of birdlife.  Look out for animals such as the duiker, bushbuck or stately Kudu. You may even view the rarely seen African Finfoot swimming in and out of reed beds or view the elusive Water Monitor that can reach lengths of up to 1.5 meters. Share in the excitement while cruising and witness various species of surface swimming mullet fish dart in all different directions or even jump clear of the water’s surface in an effort to escape the boat.



Day 2

Morning Tour:

Big Blue Ocean Tour

Enjoy an adventurous marine experience out to St. Croix Island, home to more than half of the global population of endangered African Penguins. Visitors can expect to see thousands of penguins, and a vast array of birds. Depending on the season, and weather conditions, visitors could also see Great White sharks, dolphins, seals, and albatrosses.

You will be taken out by boat into Algoa Bay toward St. Croix Seal Island where you have the possibility of spotting bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, humpback dolphins, bryde’s whales, minke whales, Southern right whales, humpback whales, Cape fur seals, various species of sharks, Cape gannets and various species of pelagic birds including terns, petrels, skuas, shearwaters and albatrosses.


Afternoon Tour:


This is a blended tour offering the unique opportunity to encounter the endangered African penguin up close, whilst also being able to take in the scenic beauty of the spectacular rugged coastline to the Schoenmakerskop-Sardinia Bay Nature Reserve, where you can choose to take a stroll down to the shore line




Mosaic Tourism in Addo

When the Elephants come marching.....What a moment to experience. This family group looked like they were going to cross the dirt road (pictured in video) and then move towards the Woodlands Water Hole. We stopped at the junction hoping we would get a better view after they had crossed the dirt road. What a surprise we had in store. The ellies changed direction and headed straight towards us. We had a couple of vehicles in front of us and one not far behind us. The vehicle's engine was off and so I chose to stay exactly where we were.Video taken with my cell phone 16 March 2016

Posted by Mosaic Tourism on Thursday, 17 March 2016

On a recent ocean safari with Mosaic Tourism! Common Dolphin frolicking around the boat! 💜

Posted by Mosaic Tourism on Friday, 28 July 2017

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